Income Tax Services

At William Kay & Associates, we provide income tax services to individuals, businesses, estates and trusts. We have the knowledge and tools needed to address both straightforward and involved circumstances.


We deal with simple, straightforward returns as well as complex, multistate filings involving relocations, security trades, real estate, businesses, professional practices, K-1s and retirement transactions. We use the most advanced tax and accounting software available.


Income Tax

Our team approach to business tax preparation provides for a smooth and complete process. We have a long history of dealing with corporation, partnership and proprietorship income tax filings.

Estates and Trusts

Fiduciary income tax filings are different from those involving businesses and individuals. We prepare these fiduciary returns for estates and trusts and have a full understanding of the rules applicable to the taxation of these entities.

Payroll Review

As an alternative to preparing payroll in house or using an outside payroll service, we prepare monthly, quarterly and annual payroll reports and filings.

Tax Representation

Whether it is merely a seemingly innocuous notice or a visit from an Internal Revenue Service Revenue Officer (RO), any contact from a taxing authority is a serious matter. We deal with all aspects of federal and state audits and inquiries involving income tax, sales tax, payroll tax and unemployment tax.