Probate & Estate Administration

If a will exists, the executor is appointed.  If there is no will, an administrator needs to be appointed.  At William Kay, Attorney at Law, we provide guidance through this formal procedure.  We lead you through each step of the probate and estate administration process, including all issues of estate income tax.

We provide our clients skilled and experienced guidance in addressing a range of critical probate and estate administration matters, including:

  • Probate and AdministrationProbate of the will, qualification of executor or administrator
  • Identifying, gathering, managing of assets, debts and expenses
  • Obtaining estate valuation of assets
  • Preparation of estate and inheritance tax returns
  • Negotiating any estate tax controversy
  • Preparation of executor’s/administrator’s accounting
  • Transferring, retitling and distributing assets
  • Minimizing tax payments by addressing income and estate tax issues